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Wonderful DIY Ideas to Make Gleaming Wine Bottle Lights

Apurva Neurgaonkar
The party's over and you've just started cleaning the mess. The garbage bin is overflowing, and you still have wine bottles to throw! *heavy sigh* But what if we tell you how you can resurrect these glassy culprits into fabulous wine bottle lights to grace your showcases and table tops?

Light 'em Up!

Looks like Tinkerbell and her little friends found their way into your wine bottle and had a ball. Hic! Don’t you think this would look stunning on your table top? Drill a hole into a thoroughly washed wine bottle.
Use a sandpaper to file out any jagged areas before putting the Christmas lights through the hole one at a time and the power outlet on the outside. Secure them with a stopper and light it up! If you are worried about the fire hazard, use LED lights instead of electric ones.
Imagine you are hosting a BBQ in your backyard or having a romantic dinner with your special one, while wine bottle tiki torches lighten the whole place. Charming, isn’t it? Who knew recycling would look so stylish?
You can make use of a wine bottle as a tea light candle holder. Cut the top and bottom of the bottle to place tealight or pillar candles into them. The darker the bottles, the more romantic they look.
This eco-friendly chandelier will definitely look astounding in your house, or even the garden. Cut the bottoms of the bottles, paint them, install a bulb into it, and voila, it's done. You can use pendant light kits for this.
Make your own bedside lamp with a wine bottle, to complete with a lamp shade, to complement the bottle shape.
Having an outdoor BBQ on a summer evening sounds like a great idea, sans the bugs. A bug repelling, yet decorative outdoor light out of a wine bottle citronella lamp should do the job.
These DIY candles make a lovely gift. Just fix the wick into cut bottle bases, while you melt some beeswax. Use dowel rods to hold the wick upright. Next, pour the melted beeswax into the container, trim the wick, and let it stay overnight. Your candles are ready for use.
These gorgeous candlesticks will surely make you neighborhood look amazing. Etch your monogram on them to personalize them.
From shot blasted green wine bottles and cloth wire, make a great addition to any household with amazing table, floor, and shelf lighting.